Alpha Gamma Rho

The renovation of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity building was a complete renovation of the facility and it added a new front patio with pergola. The renovation included a new fire protection system, mechanical system upgrades as well as new lighting installed throughout.

Single rooms were converted into suites. Restrooms were completely renovated. The kitchen was relocated. The front of the building received an upgrade with new entry doors and a porch. All of the windows were replaced / weatherproofed and a complete new roof was installed.



Wamego Central Elementary School

Beginning with phase 1 in the summer of 2009, the project was completed during the summer of 2011. One key design feature was the installation of a ground source heating and cooling system, with an anticipated payback of approximately seven years. Ground source piping was located beneath the new teacher parking area and playground. The school’s administration working closely with the design/build team to produce a higher quality, feature rich project, while remaining within budget goals.



Shawnee Heights High & Middle School Renovation

Renovation of the Shawnee Heights schools (7th & 8th - 9th & 10th grade buildings) took place during the summer of 2006. The school took two separate competitive bids for this work and KBS was low bidder on both projects. Each project was to be finished in just over 2 months during the summer break. Much of the roof replacement was completed after sundown when temperatures during the day began to exceed the century mark.

Inside the buildings air-conditioning systems were being replaced so inside temperatures were also extremely high. In the end, the two projects were completed in time for fall session and the school was able to open in mid August as planned.



The Topeka Collegiate Gym & Founders Activity Center

The Topeka Collegiate Gymnasium Addition and Founders Activity Center is a good example of KBS’ Knowledge Beyond Structures. This project was funded using donations and it was started without a clear picture of the final budget.

As donations came in, the scope of the project was expanded. The partnership of the Topeka Collegiate Founders, HTK Architects and KBS Constructors, Inc. produced a new facility that was more in line with the needs of the school, even while working with a restricted budget. The resulting facility was an outstanding value for the school.