The Clint Bowyer Community Building

KBS Constructors, Inc. was selected to provide preconstruction and construction services for Clint Bowyer Community Building. The project was funded by Bowyer’s 79 Fund Foundation and was built on property owned by Lyon County.

The building was constructed in less than one year. It is a multipurpose building with space for interior as well as exterior events. There is an outdoor amphitheater and pavilion. Inside a small staging kitchen and bar accommodates serving food and drink for social events.



Children's Discovery Center

KBS Constructors, Inc. was selected to provide preconstruction and construction services for the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center. The facility is nestled within four wooded acres of Topeka's Gage Park, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration and discovery.

The building creates a positive learning environment that enhances the exhibit experience and provides a wonderful connection to the outdoors through natural day lighting. Numerous angles in the roofline created an especially challenging structure to build for very few surfaces are plumb or level. On the west side of the building a rainbow colored glass wall creates dramatic rainbow colored interior lighting in the afternoon. 



Capitol Federal Natatorium

In addition to the Olympic sized pool, the building encloses men and women locker rooms, public rest rooms, concessions, a multipurpose conference room and offices. The building requires two HVAC units supplying 23,625 CFM each with dehumidification, four other HVAC units, one Heat Recovery Unit and extensive plumbing and electrical systems.

The Capitol Federal Natatorium at the Topeka Hummer Sports Park is capable of hosting Olympic caliber swimming and diving events. This building is already considered a fine landmark for the city of Topeka. 



Kansas Expocenter Addtion & Rennovations

KBS Constructors, Inc. is proud to be the contractor selected through a competitive bidding process to renovate the Kansas Expocenter. The renovation is significant in that we were required to work around event scheduling. Our craftsmen must remain ever vigilant to the potential dangers inherent to a construction site to protect the general public.

The new 8,000 square foot, two story glass and steel addition which now encloses the ticket sales area is the crowning jewel of the renovation. It is a significant structure which will add new architectural interest to the front of the building while protecting the public from the weather as they purchase tickets and prepare to enter the complex. 



Shawnee County Jail Annex

The Shawnee County Corrections Annex is a 248-bed minimum-security corrections facility that was constructed inside an existing structure.

Thanks largely to efficiencies resulting from the design-build process, the cost for the finished project came in significantly lower than similar facilities built in the area. In addition to holding cells and sleeping dormitories,
the building houses an administrative area, day rooms, laundry facilities, exercise rooms, classrooms, and kitchen and dining facilities.

The KBS Constructors lead team turned an old printing building into a safe, secure, prison environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional corrections facilities.

That’s about as critical as things get. 



St. Bernards Catholic Church

St. Bernard Roman Catholic congregation completed a 10-year long effort to build a new sanctuary to accommodate the church’s population growth. Their dream became reality in August 2010 when a dedication mass was held in their new facility.

KBS Constructors joined w/ St. Bernard Parish and Schwerdt Design to collaboratively design and build the new church. KBS’s own carpenters displayed their fine craftsmanship in the altar area, which featured a stile and rail panel system. The alter railings were constructed of walnut. Stair nosings and trims were also milled from hardwood. KBS coordinated the relocation of fourteen stained glass windows, the crucifix, the Stations of the Cross, and other items from the 100-year-old building. These elements are now proudly displayed in the new church. 



St. George Serbian Orthodox Church

The St. George Church represents one of KBS Constructor’s largest design/ build projects to date. This project demonstrates the kind of value that results from a collaborative design/build project delivery method.

KBS project managers and GLPM’s Architects teamed up with representatives of the church’s building committee during the preconstruction phase of this project. The original design came in over budget. Working with the architect and project manager, the church’s building committee modified their wish list to bring the project back into budget. This is a common technique used in design/build projects. The result is more value built into the building from a fixed construction budget. The final design is as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and functional, while remaining within the budget. 



Garfield Pool Replacement

The Garfield pool replacement project included demolition and removal of the existing in-ground pool. The team then designed a replacement pool with concrete decks and zero-entry that eliminated architectural barriers. The team was able to construct a new pool, with most of the desired features, yet still brought the project in within a very limited budget.

The project included a complete renovation of the existing bathhouse. Vandalism had become an issue at this facility with thieves stealing copper in the plumbing systems. The new design eliminated copper plumbing from the facility, utilizing PEX and PVC pipes instead. Budget constraints did not allow for an additional spray park at the location so the project team substituted more amenities and children’s attractions instead. 



Animals & Man Building Addition

Topeka’s Zoological Park needed to expand the indoor environment for their elephant population and they turned to the team of KBS Constructors and Peterson Architectural group to design and build this facility. The enhancements included better protection for zookeepers as well as an improved environment for the animals. A hot water heated floor system provides comfortable living quarters for the elephants in the wintertime.

This work was performed while the zoo remained in operation, which meant the general public would be exposed to construction work the entire time. Additionally, working around live animals can be a challenge. In this case the elephants were allowed into their outdoor area next to the new building periodically during the day for exercise. Special precautions were required to keep workers and the animals safe during construction. 



Outdoor Orangutan Exhibit

The Topeka Zoological Park needed to provide an outdoor habitat for their orangutan population. For the successful contractor, several issues presented themselves. Work needed to be performed while the zoo remained in operation, which meant the general public would be exposed to construction work the entire time. Additionally, working around primates can be a challenge. Orangutans possess a level of intelligence nearly as high as humans and they were continually on the lookout for opportunities to harass the construction workers.

KBS Constructors was fortunate enough to win this contract. Work was completed on time and in budget without a single incident. The animals now have an outdoor play area. The new habitat opened in the summer of 2003.