Complex Projects/Fewer Complications

There is a trend in commercial construction that is gaining momentum. More and more customers are hiring one firm to handle the design and construction of their facilities. Design/Build is simply a contracting method that simplifies the relationship between a building owner and the two traditional service providers, the architect and the general contractor.


Imagine if you wanted to buy a new car. Would you hire two firms to deliver that car, one to design and the other to manufacturer it? Of course not, that would be silly. Yet for many years it is how many buildings have been built.


Contracting with a design/build firm can turn a complex project into a much simpler process. When KBS manages your design/build project, it can even be a pleasant experience. Design/build shifts risk away from the owner and onto the design/build firm. As a client you hold only one contract with an amount and a delivery date. What could be simpler than that?