KBS Consulting

Like Having A Best Friend In The Business

Facility Upgrade Decisions Are Important. They Should Also Be Informed.  It may seem obvious, yet when your primary question is about building new or renovating your existing facility, answers come in the form of more questions.


How much useful life does an old and inefficient heating and cooling system have left?  Are the cracks in the floor due to structural issues or are these normal settlement cracks? How much longer could my aging roof last? How much damage has water infiltration or improper grading outside my building done to the structure? How much would it cost to replace and repair old building components versus what I would save by building a new more efficient building?


When a client hires us to investigate their commercial facilities, we provide answers to such questions and include a market-based analysis of cost implications. Money spent on a thorough analysis of your commercial property is insignificant compared to impacts to your capital budgets should you make uninformed decisions. 


Why not be better informed? 

Arm yourself with answers and the confidence to make such important decisions, especially when the overriding question is about deciding whether to build new or repair old. Make the smartest decision now and call KBS Constructors. A phone call costs very little but a mistake could cost you a lot. Meet your new trusted advisor. Met your newest best friends.