Weather Protection – Sub-Zero Temperatures

The start to 2014 has been unusually cold and difficult for construction crews. For most of February, morning low temperatures have been far below freezing. There have been many days where daytime temperatures failed to rise above the freezing point. Hopefully soon those of us with inside jobs like myself will look outside on a nice spring day and long to be working outside.

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Before I left my home this morning, I checked the outside temperature and it was 16 degrees here in Topeka. In case you are wondering, our construction crews do not stop working when the weather turns cold. There are activities they cannot do on severely cold days, such as pour concrete or install masonry.  Even so, working with other materials can be difficult even though you are allowed to do them in the cold. Imagine erecting steel structural members or framing walls with metal studs in these temperatures. Materials you are working with were exposed to sub freezing temperatures all night. You cannot even hold onto them without gloves. Gloves will slow down production at a time when there is constant schedule pressure on the job.

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