Critical Environment Construction

Beginners Need Not Apply

If your business requirements include extremely sensitive environments, such as research facilities, data centers, telephone switch rooms, or occupied healthcare spaces, selecting a contractor need not be a roll of the dice.


Leaders in Critical Environment ConstructionTM 

This is a title we have earned by routinely executing difficult projects in such Critical Environments since 1989.


Our never ending commitment to education, quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction allows us to feel right at home on even the most complex projects. KBS is Knowledge Beyond Structures. What that means is that we know our customers have high expectations of us and we take pride in delivering what they expect from us. It is simply what we do.


Every room, office or workspace in your building plays some part in the bigger picture of achieving your business’s goals. The better these spaces work for you, the easier it is for you to reach your goals. KBS Constructors will work with you through every stage, including post-construction, to ensure that we give your business the best possible results.


From high-tech, highly sensitive environments, to an ordinary office space, we can provide whatever you need when it comes to your facilities.